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Zagat Review

Zagats 2005/2006 Long Island Restaurants
21  D 10  S 20  C $23

It looks like a “local pizzeria with a dining room” but Nesconset neighbors are knocked out by it’s “immense portions” of “delicious”, made-to-order Italian food at “low prices”, ferried to table by staffers who “couldn’t be nicer”, as a result, this “enjoyable” spot for a “cheap” “midweek dinner” draws “large crowds”, so “expect to wait” (no reservations) – though matters should improve now that they’ve expanded.

Zagats American Top Italian Restaurants
22  D 10  S 19  C $21

Sunny supporters smile upon this “casual” Nesconset Italian that known for it’s “imaginative chef “ whose “ creative twists” elevate it above “your ordinary pizza place”, better yet, “ two can share a main course” given the “immense portions”, and prices are “reasonable” to boot; it’s no wonder this “friendly” place is always “full.

 F- food, D- decor, S- service, C- cost

Newsday Review
Sundried Tomato Cafe

In this sunny pizzeria-restaurant, you'll find an unusually caring staff serving up a lively menu of Italian specialties.

It's difficult to exercise restraint when confronted with the basket of terrific garlic knots (made from pizza dough), but do your best. Portions here are copious, enough for at least two.

Shrimp ajillo in a spicy garlic wine sauce is made with lots of crustaceans over cappellini. A pasta dish that sounds over-orchestrated but actually works beautifully is the pollo con rosamarino, chunks of chicken and vibrant julinenne vegetables in a light rosemary wine sauce over farfalle.

Tiramisu - boozy but not too too - transcends the cliche.

So does the Sundried Tomato Cafe.

Joan Reminick


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